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1. This is a rating community based on what you look like. But since we want to know a tiny bit of information on our members, we are asking you to fill out this short form:
We are not strictly judging by your age but it's always nice to know how old you are.
Name 1 feature about yourself you love..inside and out:
Why do you think you'd make a good addition to toofuckinghot?:
How did you find out about this community?:


Be sure when you're applying to bold the questions (so it'll be a bit easier to read), take out the unbolded parts, and use an lj-cut (if you don't know about these, click here) for your survey and pictures.
If you don't follow any of this, you will be asked to fix it once. If you fail to fix what we ask, this will lead to an automatic rejection.

2. Picture guidelines:
a. Do not post anyone else's pictures but your own. If we find out you're doing this, you will be banned from this community.
b. Make sure they're clear and we can see your face clearly. If they are a little blurry, but we can still see your face that's acceptable. But if they're over blurred and grainy you're most likely to get a lot of no votes.
c. Be sure you have atleast 3 pictures. You can have more but you must have atleast 3. If you don't have the minimum amount, your entry will not be allowed to be voted on until you have the right amount, which happens to come after 1 and 2.
d. Do not post any obscene pictures. No one wants to see your boobs and ass so don't think we do.

3. Keep in mind:
a. toofuckinghot is not a community where we're going to say "awww you're cute" and stamp you. No. If you didn't notice, the word "hot" is used in the name. So if you think you're not hot, you probably arn't so it's best if you just go find a community that will accept people who like to pick pansies.
b. Members are allowed to voice their opinions. If you're ugly, they'll tell you so and the owner(s) will do nothing about it. You are allowed to reply to tat kind of comment though, as long as you're not going to go and start a cat fight because someone thinks you're ugly.
c. This community is co-ed. Therefore, anyone can join.
d. DoN'T tYpErZ lYke dIz k? It's annoying as hell, and if we see any of that going on, we'll bitch.

- accepted stamp
1. Promoting another community:
a. If you promote a community here, you must promote toofuckinghot within 24 hours of the promotion post you made. We will check, and if we find you're not doing what you're supposed to, your post will be deleted. If you break this rule 2 times, you will be taken you off the accepted list and you will be asked to re-apply.

2. Stay an active member: A list of things you can do:
a. Make accepted/rejected stamps and banners.
b. Promote the community as much as possible.
c. Put a banner or a text link in your user info.
d. Vote 'yes' or 'no' on new applicants.
e. Come up with new ideas/rules for the community when needed.
f. Participate in contests.
g. Suggest sister communities.
h. Post new pictures of yourself once in a while.

3. If you decide to leave toofuckinghot:
a. Please make a short and sweet post about it, letting us know. We don't need your life story.
- rejected stamp
1. If you get rejected:
a. Don't bitch about how we're a bad community.NEVER be rude to our members. Maybe you weren't exactly hot, maybe just cute. Or maybe you were just plain ugly and you just don't realize it. Either way, you're allowed to try again with new pics in a week.

At the moment there are no contests going on.


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