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Just a few new pictures, i got my hair done, blonde and bronze streaks...


 she styled it with a fringe...

 i thought it looked strange?

 so i put it normal lol.


the end <3

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haha aw
I don't think it looks strange ;P
I love it! It takes awhile to get used to having bangs (fringe). I have little ones and it's weird. But it's also weird having short hair, and I'll shut up now :D
bleh I hate how stylists.. style your hair
whenever I leave the salon, I feel like I'm in my 30-40s :\
they like to "boof" it
♥ the highlights :)
i know! i changed it now though! thanx. staci i dunno if you use ebay but ive just bidded on something cant i cancel it? ahhhhhhh im stuck =/ i dont want it no more! :o(
hmm, I don't know if you can cancel it? did you bid so much to where no one would wanna compete with your amount?
anyway-- even if you do win, you don't have to follow through.

and I saw you changed your hair ;) just sayin' I do the same thing.
no, its something like ?20 and put an extra ?5 1day left? ahh thanx i nearly shit myself lol.
ooo i see lol sorry..yea u see she boofed my fringe up? lmao! <3
I mean, is the item not worth that much-- like, do you think someone will outbid you within a day? if so, you have nothing to worry about
ya I know hah ♥
ooo but what if i win it?
just write them an e-mail explaining why you don't want the item anymore and for them to leave the auction open.
ahh someone outbidded me thank god, thanx so much :D:D <3
oo lucky
you're welcome ♥ ;)
im stamped, just a few new pix. <3
i love the last pics.. it does look a little weird with the fringe all in the front, but it's really pretty when it's to the side. <3 the highlights are awesome!! any suggestions on what i should do to my hair? it's so.. dull.. (right now it's 2/3 down my back & plain brown)
aww thanx <333 how about some blonde and copper highlights?
are you a member of this community?!...wow I'm sorry but I don't think you are something you know "special" your ordinary...the same kind of face and stuff I see all the time...sorry just telling the truth:).
do you ever see dates on stuff? i posted that ages ago!